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Revisionist history -- UPDATE



A new book that would have you believe Harry Ashmore was the villain of 1957 and Orval Faubus, if not quite heroic, a vastly misunderstood and sympathetic character, just won't wash, Brummett writes today. I second. The good news is that the accounts of such as Gene Roberts on the media and civil rights (he spoke at a Clinton Library media panel last week) will be definitive on the subject, not Betsy Jacoway's strange and contradictory stew.

UPDATE: Here's another view on the Jacoway book, by retired journalist and former Arkansas Democrat managing editor Jerry McConnell. He gets it right, too. I should have added originally that McConnell wrote this originally as a response to a favorable review that appeared in the Democrat-Gazette. The D-G declined to run it. I heard about it and asked him if I could run it on-line when I ran into him last week at the panel discussionon media coverage of 1957. He sent along a revised version to me this weekend.

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