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Uh huh



From a Democrat-Gazette editorial repeating the endorsement of Anna Swaim for Zone 2 on the LR School Board:

When a well-organized special interest-like a teachers’ union-can determine an election and then dictate policy, inevitably the public interest suffers. Case in point: the turmoil, waste and petty politics that have dominated the news out of Little Rock’s school board this past year.

This proposition about the ill effect of "special interest" influence is inoperative, of course, when the special interest group is the leadership of, oh, say, the chamber of commerce. (Or see yesterday's school thread, a private foundation whose influence led to law-breaking and also violations of the public trust and a labor contract to advance the Democrat-Gazette publisher's pet project.) Only unions, minorities, the poor and the disenfranchised are corrosive "special interest" influences. And liberals, naturally.

PS -- Wonder when the DOG is going to get around to reporting on contributions in the School Board race? If they do report the numbers, will the lead be the $4,000 in union-related contributions to Daugherty or the bundle of chamber of commerce-type contributions (including contributions from LR Public Education Foundation board members) that account for better than 90 percent of the more than $16,000 raised by Swaim?

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