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No pushover at Planning



Little Rock residents often complain that city planners aren't tough enough on developers. But maybe they don't want them this tough. 

Jim Narey, director of planning and zoning for the city of Maumelle, was arrested this morning on a charge of terroristic threatening. The reported victim was Charles Hinson, a developer who’s been involved in a lawsuit over a new Maumelle subdivision. Bail was set at $2,000.

What does it take to get arrested for first-degree terroristic threatening? Try leaving this message on someone’s phone:

“Hey Chucky, you big fat fucker. I am twice the man that you are and in twice the shape that you are in. Why don’t you meet me so I can cut off your fucking arms and fucking legs and kill your fucking ass? Meet me anytime, anywhere, you pick where you want to die. This is not about business you fucker, this is about you dying.”

A city of Maumelle news release said “there is no allegation that the alleged conduct was in any way within the scope of his employment.” It also says that Narey will be keeping his position. Any future city business with Hinson will be handled by a planning consultant, not Narey. But he'll be around, Chucky.

-- John C. Williams

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