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Hillary-Huck: More alike than different



How easy is it to program the national media. Let Mike Huckabee say he's the best candidate to oppose Hillary Clinton and George Stephanopoulos immediately parrots it.

Thanks to the Arkansas Leader, we have a point-by-point analysis of how far off base that statement is (except on the usual social issues, which should be small potatoes in 2008). They are more alike than different on health care, education, taxes, debt.

Lest you think this is piling on, however, the editorial notes how these similarities are actually a plus for Huckabee with middle-ground voters, not a negative.

AND SPEAKING OF THE ARKANAS ELECTION TANDEM: John Brummett today reviews their appearance before the AARP.

Hillary did a little cautious and conventional pandering. Huckabee made a joke and talked glibly and superficially. That is to say that they presented vintage versions of themselves.

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