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Ark. Travelers ride again


Sheila Bronfman tells me that work is underway to organize another Arkansas Travelers team to campaign in New Hampshire this winter for their favorite Clinton -- this time Hillary. Will the call produce the same response it produced for favorite son Bill Clinton's presidential candidacy in 1992? She reports some enthusiasm already. A note from her on the effort is on the jump.


Originally organized for door-to-door campaigning in the 1992 New Hampshire Presidential Primary on behalf of then-Governor Bill Clinton, this volunteer group of Arkansans is gathering to support their friend and former Arkansas  and United States First Lady, and now United States Senator from New York,  Hillary Clinton, in her bid for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States.

Sheila Galbraith Bronfman of Little Rock, the organizer of the 1992 Travelers, is again heading a group of volunteers, called the Arkansas Travelers for Hillary, who will soon be traveling to various states including Iowa and New Hampshire to stump for Hillary. In addition to knocking on doors, the group will go to rallies, town hall meetings, coffees, town squares and courthouses, wherever they can spread the word. The 2008 Arkansas Travelers for Hillary will work together as a team during four-to-five day trips, traveling and staying as a group, and paying their own way.

The first trip may occur as early as October. Initial contacts are being made to those who know Hillary, Bill or Chelsea Clinton; have worked with Hillary during her nearly 20 years in Arkansas, and who are ready to share their experiences working with her, and talk to voters in other states about the Hillary they know. Many former Arkansas Travelers have already signed up to go and many new Arkansas Travelers for Hillary have come onboard.

The group will go where they are needed and feel they can be the greatest help. An announcement will be made when the first trip is scheduled.

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