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Stephens Media today has a story about experience of the West Memphis dog track with new video poker, blackjack and other gambling options (so-called "electronic games of skill.") Southland claims results are not as good as hoped. Tunica casinos are still preferable to many gamblers. At the bottom of the story, the kicker:

Keeping said future attempts to further expand the state gambling law are not out of the question, including the possibility of removing the word "electronic" from the 2005 law.

"Games of poker and blackjack theoretically could be dealt with live cards," he said.

No formal discussions about further expanding games of skill have taken place, Keeping said.

"As a company we have not sat down to talk about this because the Legislature is in 2009," he said.

Well, sure, real cards are more appealing. So are galloping dominoes and roulette wheels -- and isn't it a skill to gauge the odds of a certain number turning up, just as it is to gauge the odds of filling an inside straight? Now if they can just figure out a rationale for pure slots.  Be patient. The economic necessity arguments are coming. And the pure racino.

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