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This about says it all



From a U.S. News article on Mike Huckabee as new media darling, on the day of another Republican debate:

And, in this first matchup in the post-Labor Day high-gear campaign season, it will be interesting to see how far Huckabee might go to sustain his momentum and attract more people who want to give him money.

What he really needs out of the debate, says GOP strategist Chris Wilson, is a sound bite.

"The funny thing about these debates is that they're all about sound bites," says Wilson, who has specialized in opinion research for campaigns. "And Huckabee has had more memorable sound bites" in earlier debates.

If he comes out aggressively, Wilson says, and uses a sound bite to illustrate the differences between himself and Iowa and New Hampshire front-runner Mitt Romney, for example, or Sen. Sam Brownback, a fast-fading competitor for the Christian conservative vote, and even soon-to-announce candidate Fred Thompson, he may be able to sustain his nascent traction.

"Funny" that a sound bite would trump policy, a candidates' record, etc.? Not the word I'd use. But, with a media whose depth is perfect for Huckabee rhetoric, also likely true.

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