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Your tax dollars at work



CBS picked up the AP story about somebody using state computers to cleanse Wikipedia references to Mike Huckabee of unflattering references. Intersting that the Democrat-Gazette, through Monday anyway, had chosen not to use the AP story. Perhaps they are working on their own examination of Wikipedia edits.

I hope so. Because I think the Democrat-Gazette, which has spent a fortune in vigorous defense of the state Freedom of Information Act, could employ its resources in precedent-setting work in this case. The Department of Information Services is refusing information that would identify which state computers were used to make these editing changes (as well as some others). Claims of security concerns are utterly spurious. The public should know who uses state computer terminals for non-official purposes just as much as it should know which telephones are used for calls to sex services, psychics or supporters of the Contras (to name a few of the ways state telephones have been misused over the years).

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