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In broad daylight



An e-mail from Blake Rutherford, who passes along a letter he wrote to Little Rock Mayor Mark Stodola:

Mayor Stodola,

I just came from the Shell Station on Broadway where my good friend Kathryn Martinez (attorney at Wright, Lindsey and Jennings) was attacked at 11:40 a.m. today.  She was getting out of her car and a man pulled up next to her. He got out of his car and sprayed her with a chemical.  Fortunately, she had the ability to run and she did.

She called me immediately after and drove to the station with her fiancee. I spoke with her, the police, the store clerk and I watched the surveillance tapes.

These are the facts and they have not been sensationalized.

Fortunately, she is safe - scared to death, but safe.

I hope you will take this event as further evidence that Little Rock is having real crime problems.  I hope action is coming.


Blake Rutherford

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