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I tried a while back to use that new program, the Wikipedia scanner, to track who's made changes to Wikipedia entries, including the Mike Huckabee page. I didn't dig deep enough. Gnomes have been at work cleansing his entry of unflattering references. (This is now a better, more detailed link.) On state computers! Mike Beebe has had some cleanup, too.

As a public service against this kind of dastardly activity,  I send out for handy Google search reference a link to our prize-winning story on Mike Huckabee's push to release the rapist and killer Wayne Dumond from prison, one of the things the scanner shows has been tampered with (though it's there now, but expressed in a form more favorable to Huckabee, without a reference to his famous letter saying he supported Dumond's release and including a reference to his book's account, which makes factual errors about Dumond's subsequent murder conviction in Missouri.). And here's a link with multiple sources to debunk the "fair tax" espoused by Mike Huckabee. Here's Ernest Dumas' primer on the governors' record. Here's a link to our blog post that broke open the gift registry story. Here's one when the Society of Professional Journalists asked him to reconsider his denial of press services to this newspaper. Here's just one of many articles and comments on his overuse of the state airplane, another touchy subject judging by Wikipedia edits. Since we've had a website change, we'll have to go back and repost our groundbreaking reporting on his expense account abuses at the Governor's Mansion early in his tenure. But we'll do that, so they too can be referenced easily, no matter who edits what from Wikipedia. Somebody would do well to dig up articles rounding up his many trips before the Ethics Commission, too. And an epic catalogue of the gifts he accepted until tighter ethics rules forced an end to the gift grab.

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