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Carjackers arrested UPDATE



Channel 11 has the jump on the arrest of a couple of juveniles in the River Market carjacking, perhaps both of them.

UPDATE: The suspects are Cornell Nelson, 18, and Lee Dale Lofton Jr., 16, both of North Little Rock. Lofton will be charged as an adult. Both were charged in the two River Market carjackings (last Thursday in which a man was robbed and shot and dumped on a rural road and another a week earlier in which the man was similarly kidnapped and made to withdraw money from ATMs, but was dumped without being shot) -- two counts of aggravated robbery; two counts of kidnapping; two counts of fraudulent use of a credit card and four counts of theft of property. Also, in the second carjacking, attempted murder.

The police had reason yesterday to say they suspected an arrest soon. Lofton was already in custody on his arrest for burglarizing a house in Lakewood and a match had been made on his fingerprints. Nelson apparently doesn't have a criminal record, but he, too, had been identified as a possible suspect by yesterday. Police Lt. Terry Hastings said detectives were hampered in completing work on the case yesterday because of the furor that arose over false reports in widely circulated e-mails of rapes, murders and other crimes in the River Market neighborhood that were supposedly being covered up by police and media.

Lofton, the younger of the two, was the driver in the photo distributed by police yesterday that was taken at a North Little Rock ATM. He also is believed to be the brother of Joshua Lofton, the 17-year-old charged with the July slaying of a Jacksonville man on the parking lot of a North Little Rock Wal-Mart.


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