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Blog report: Politics and sewers



I know. What's the difference between politics and sewers?

Rep. Steve Harrelson's Under the Dome blog has a bunch of news on candidates for legislature. The full House list is chock full of speculation.

The Iconoclast in Fayetteville keeps knocking them out of the park, in this case over Fayetteville's insistence on sticking residential customers with the cost of treating waste for major industries. Corporate welfare, he calls it.

Here's how they run the scam. Bill Ramsey, paid gun from the Chamber, tried to impress the committee by quoting outdated information that was five years old instead of current data. Then the mayor's paid consultant told the committee that they should ask questions like "What level of subsidy is appropriate?" That's easy, none. Why shouldn't the question be how much should residents be subsidized? Then he suggests asking "What is more important to residential customers — slightly lower water bills or jobs within the community?" Why not ask college students which is more important slightly lower water bills or free beer? There is just as much connection between the two.

In July, the state cut the beer tax from 3% to 1%. Did that result in new jobs or lower prices for beer, or did it all go into the owners' pockets? The state also cut the sales tax on electricity for Tysons, PInnacle, and Superior in July. Has that resulted in more new jobs or lower prices, or just more money for the greedy who demand corporate welfare or threaten to leave?

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