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A day's work -- UPDATE



Showing up is the first part of success at work. And Mike Huckabee is showing up everywhere. Only he and Sam Brownback turned out for a Lance Armstrong cancer session in Iowa and his effort earned Huckabee a rave from Newsweek's Jonathan Alter. I saw Brownback on TV. He IS humorless. Huckabee looked great against him. He did manage to turn attention from larger funding questions to some favorite preventive health topics. He didn't get the tough questioning Brownback got for attempting the same maneuver.

Elsewhere, a Washington Post writer loves his push for more arts and music education.

UPDATE: On the other hand, Ann Coulter's headline is "Huckabee goes mad" on a link to his remarks in favor of a national smoking ban similar to that in Arkansas. A word on Huck and smoking. He came around, but Hoglawyer reminds that Huckabee stopped an early effort to end smoking in restaurants. At that point, he was still taking money from tobacco interests. And, though I know we've made strides, we made a big mistake in departing from the California and New York model and allowing smoking in bars and other places that only allow people over 21. Why should adult employees be subjected to smoking?

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