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The race to watch



The pivotal Zone 2 Little Rock School Board race is well underway. Among other indicators: Signs for Michael Nellums have popped up. Anna Swaim has neighborhood canvassing underway and a website. She's trying to build a voter list and get them out to vote early. (Early voting begins Sept. 11.) Incumbent Michael Daugherty has had a lower profile. He didn't attend last week's candidate forum. He'll benefit from some established networks in his zone, but he's only had one contested race, 12 years ago, in which fewer than 700 votes were cast.

UPDATE: J.J. Lacey, the retired school administrator who's leading Daugherty's campaign, takes exception to the first report. He said Daugherty was the first to have signs up in the zone ("and the first to have them taken down") and he said Daugherty's campaign is out canvassing as well. He said about 30 people turned out for a fund-raiser last night at the Sandpiper club.

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