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Alberto gone



He'll be hard to replace. Lied to Congress. Politicized the Justice Department. Condoned torture and domestic spying. Heckuva job.

Sen. Blanche Lincoln's statement:

"I voted against confirming Mr. Gonzales when he was appointed in 2005 because I was not confident he could exercise the independent judgment that the post of United States Attorney General demands. The Attorney General’s office is charged with the responsibility of representing and defending the rights and constitutional freedoms of every American. As such, the Justice Department must be led by a person who will act independently and apart from politics. Unfortunately, that has not been the kind of leadership we have seen under Attorney General Gonzales. The recent U.S. Attorneys controversy is just one example of a deficiency in leadership at the Justice Department. Mr. Gonzales’ resignation offers the President a chance to restore credibility in his Administration and the Justice Department, and I hope he uses this opportunity to do so for the good of the American people."

Sen. Mark Pryor's statement:

Today’s announcement is a step in the right direction for the Justice Department.  To put it quite simply, Attorney General Gonzales has had trouble telling the truth and he lost the confidence of  Congress and the American people.  I hope President Bush will take this opportunity and work with members of both parties to choose a nominee that will restore credibility to the Justice Department.

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