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Transcript of the candidate on the Republican News Channel.

That 3 percent showing in the latest Fox poll? Doesn't reflect "core voters," just name recognition, says The Huckster.

"Nice guy" Huck also slams Romney and the "Club for Greed." Please understand, when The Huckster is pitching the mud it's just comparative politics, not slimey goo.

He also chose an unfortunate analogy for whether he was talking about Romney when he talked about candidates with shifting positions over time. "If you throw a rock across the fence, it's the hit dog who hollers."

Huck again more or less lied by saying the Club for Growth has distorted his record. But Chris Wallace's producers had done their homework. He noted that the Cato Institute and another anti-tax think tank had criticized the governor's record on taxes and spending in Arkansas. (We repeat: This is an area where we applaud the record from which the former governor is trying to run.)

He also mentioned that late-arriving candidate Fred Thompson might suffer from overblown expectations.

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