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Can Hillary woo Bubba?



Brummett reports that Hillary did well with Arkansas legislators, talking easily about core issues.

Hillary Clinton had been visiting privately for the better part of an hour with more than a hundred Arkansas Democratic legislators and county officeholders. But she hadn't yet talked about killing anything.

The very idea had been for her to forge, or cement, a cultural connection, which is the heart and soul of the Arkansas Democratic style.

Farming, churchgoing, hunting - those are the tickets.

She'd covered farming. House Speaker Benny Petrus of Stuttgart, a farmer and car dealer and the quintessential Bubba, had asked her about expanding rice markets and encouraging biofuels. She'd answered with sufficient adequacy that Petrus informed me the next day he'd be supporting her for president.

"Farmers over here are coming around telling me that, after eight years of George W. Bush, they only thought they were Republicans," Petrus said. "Of course their bumper stickers say, 'Bring back Bill,' but they'll take what they can get."

You'll have to hit the link to get the duck hunting story.

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