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The war on adoption



As we indicated earlier, the Family Council's proposed initiated act to make adoption and foster parenting by gay couples impossible has been written sexual-orientation neutral to prohibit unmarried partners of any sexual persuasion from adopting or foster parenting. It's currently under review by the attorney general.

Rep. Steve Harrelson comments (and you can get to the D-G story on the issue today from his link because he hasn't been made radioactive as we have been to D-G access):

Assuming it's certified, the more conventional issues that will be debated in Arkansas coffee shops over the next year will include morality, privacy, overreaching by big brother, the further reduction of an already small pool of potential foster and adoptive parents, and foremost, the best interest of our children.

Some other random thoughts from me: 1) What's to stop a couple from putting one partner out of the house long enough to complete an adoption, then reuniting -- gay or straight? 2) who is going to be the cohabitation police?  the presence of an unmarried twosome in a household is not, of itself, proof of disqualification, I'd assume. 3) most of all: where's the fire that requires this law, except for the need for a lobby that lives on gay bashing to produce a piece of work to threaten legislators who wouldn't go along with their hateful agenda in 2007.

ALSO: Some theorize this could be a useful wedge issue for evangelicals hoping to grab some court seats in 2008. A Supreme Court and two Appeals court races are among those on the ballot. "Family values" would be a pretty good code for saying I'll bash gays for you.

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