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Surprise. Karl Rove lies


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Turdblossom has been busily selling -- and media have been eagerly lapping up -- his line that Hillary Clinton's unfavorable rating at 49 percent in a recent Gallup poll is the highest ever by a presidential front-runner, save a 34 percent for Al Gore.

Media Matters did the research. Gallup polled Bush's favorable/unfavorable numerous times in 2003-04 before his second ascension. He was consistently higher than 40 percent in 2004, once hitting 47 percent. He managed to get elected anyway. (If you believe the Ohio vote was legitimate.)

And speaking of approval ratings, Hillary is at 81 percent in New York among Democrats. That means a lot A decent number of Republicans (36 percent and 60 percent of independents) are happy with her work, too, according to recent poll.


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