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The Center for a Better South rolled out a blueprint for a greener south at the University of Central Arkansas today and prez Lu Hardin was on hand for the traveling road show.

News release here. What's not to like? Putting money aside each year for preservation of significant land? Reducing carbon emissions? Clearer, cleaner air in general? Reduction in electricity use? Green building standards?

I confess it's hard to be optimistic when you realize our legislature is led by the likes of Death Star Bob Johnson, who just today in a Democrat-Gazette interview summarily put down the notion of charging a severance tax on natural gas in line with that charged by other states for depletion of finite natural resources. He insists the mighty economic benefits of exploration will pay for any adverse consequences and we need not impose any fee to repair damaged roads, protect the environment, etc. Spoken like a true wholly owned subsidiary of Stephens Exploration.

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