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Economic development -- UPDATE



We mentioned earlier today that Gov. Mike Beebe seemed to have taken a nip at past efforts of the Arkansas Economic Development Commission in adequately staffing vehicle industry plants in East Arkansas. (I asked former Gov. Mike Huckabee's spokesman if he'd care to offer a response on this point, but haven't gotten a response.)

Now comes Roby Brock with more on AEDC, including a lengthy examination of the agency's report on development last year and plans for the future. He mentions that former Gov. Jim Guy Tucker's daughter Anna Janik, who speaks Mandarin, has gone to work for the agency. Sprechen sie francais? Director Maria Haley tells Brock she's looking for a European liaison fluent in at least two languages.

UPDATE: And, of course, like economic developers everywhere, the first thing the new chiefs would like to do is get the legislature to give away more corporate welfare, courtesy of taxpayers.

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