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A plea bargain



Whether it was an official plea bargain or not (the Hot Springs newspaper doesn't say), the wild-in-the-streets skateboarders who got taken down by the city constabulary in June pleaded no contest in district court yesterday to the charges stacked on them and walked away with small fines.

Skylar Nalls, 19, was fined a total of $150, plus costs, for skateboarding, fleeing and obstructing government operations. He also must perform 30 days of community service.

Judge Ralph Ohm fined Matthew Jon McCormack, 21, $210 plus costs for third-degree battery for his contact with Officer Kenneth Billingsley. Cops claimed McCormack caused an injury to Billingsley's right hand while objecting to the takedown of a fellow skater. McCormack must also do 30 days of community service.

According to the newspaper, the judge said he'd consider expunging the record of the convictions if the two pay fines and complete their community service.

Four other juveniles involved in the dustup had cases handled in juvenile court, where records are sealed.

I know you'll want to review McCormack's "battery" of the officer one more time.

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