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Food stamp report -- UPDATE III



I sent notes to several legislators who are participating in the Hunger Coalition's exercise this week to live on the $3-a-day food stamp allotment for three days. A couple have replied, including state Rep. David Johnson of Little Rock, who sent a photo of his provisions and this note:

Photo of food for next three days and photo of receipt attached.  I'm chiefly eating peanut butter sandwiches, orange juice, and a little toast in the mornings.  I tried to squeeze in a couple of bananas but couldn't afford it - see photo of receipt.

Another participant, Rep. Steve Harrelson, has a full report on his Under the Dome blog. He's going the processed food route -- mac and cheese, bologna, Swanson dinner.

Monday dinner: Spaghetti (no sauce), corn, bread.


At Rep. Lindsley Smith's house in Fayetteville, it's canned spinch and beans. Loyalty to the hometown product is one thing, but I don't know about this one.

And I"d sure try to price a small ham hock, no matter what.




Rep. Bruce Maloch of Magnolia actually came up with fresh meat in his market visit (above).

My daughter, Victoria, joined me in the challenge.  For us, it's corn flakes for breakfast and a turkey sandwich or peanut butter sandwich for lunch.  Tonight we had chicken pot pies.  We actually had enough money (admittedly easier for two) to buy some pork chops we plan to grill tomorrow night for Tuesday and Wednesday. A rice dish will complement both nights, along with cream corn one night and green beans the next. Our total expenditure was $16.38, leaving $1.62 to account for a little mustard or mayo on the sandwich from existing stock.

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