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Some weekend Times blog highlights for those who might not read religiously. (Shame on you.)

At Eat Arkansas, we had a couple of items on eating strategies for stupefyingly hot weather. There's a great essay there on Southern folkways in the days before a/c. Meat was considered a "condiment," vegetables and fruits were fresh-picked. Buttermilk and cornbread were a match, remembers Muddling Thourgh.

Last night, I called for open comments under a metaphorical headline, "Hymn Service." The response was literal, lyrical and  interesting. Some spirituality lurks among us. Don't miss Jake da Snake's essay on serving as an organist for weekly services at the State Hospital.

Sunday, Gaddis, responding to a Brummett column on Mike Beebe, wonders whether Beebe will be the Freddie Couples of governors. (This is not a compliment.)



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