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You thought the Hog Opera was over? That it was time to win 10-plus and forget the scandals surrounding Text King Houston Dale? Think again.

The lawyer pursuing Nutt from Fort Smith, Eddie Christian, has filed a huge court pleading today to preserve documents that he thinks can prove a case in his lawsuit that UA officials failed to do their duty to run a reputable football program at Waltonville. The back door to new pleadings are the fruits of an FOI request for e-mails of a state employee who's been madly messaging the Nutt cabal about the spawns of Satan from Springdale. It's a huge filing. Juicy. Lots of insiders throwing down on their enemies, etc.

Sigh. It's too big for me to link at the moment. I'm trying to find a site that has it up.

When I can, I'll give it to you.

In short, though, it seeks to preserve computer files of Teresa Prewett, the Nutt friend whose angry e-mails helped triggered this controversy; Danny Nutt, and Sherry Darby, a friend of the Nutts and state employee whose e-mail the plaintiffs think supports their efforts. An FOI of Darby's work e-mail (shades of Ron Quillin -- don't you bet some legislator is itching to close public e-mails next legislative session?) has opened a whole new window to this sordid mess. Hog message boards are hopping. Here's a link, but it's to a chat board with a sign-in requirement and you may have to go through free registration to read it. Or maybe here.

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