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Damn the historians ...



... Full speed ahead this year with the reviled new "frameworks" for teaching Arkansas history in public schools, Gov. Mike Beebe has decreed.

His statement in full is on the jump.


"I acknowledge the deep concerns expressed by some parties who fear that the new frameworks will decrease the emphasis on Arkansas history as a stand-alone course.  Let me again assure everyone that Arkansas students will be taught a separate semester of Arkansas History between the seventh and twelfth grades, as required by law.  

"There is also concern about the practical ability to teach the required semester of Arkansas History alongside other mandated Social Studies courses in the seventh and eighth grades.  We will continue working with the frameworks committee, education officials, and the other interested parties I met with to ensure that these logistical concerns are addressed.  At the elementary level, I believe a consensus has emerged that the new frameworks will strengthen Arkansas History, but we will diligently monitor that progress, as well.

With the beginning of the school year only a few weeks away, it would not be practical to delay the implementation of the approved Social Studies frameworks.  However, the discussion and hard work surrounding the importance of Arkansas History in the education of our children will continue toward a resolution before the next school year.

I thank everyone who has given valued input during this entire process.  It bodes well for Arkansas’s future that so many people are passionate about ensuring that our children get a full picture of our past."  -- Governor Mike Beebe


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