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Promise the city anything to get your strip shopping center developed. You can break the rules later and the developer-friendly City Board will bail you out, or so my friend on the Cantrell corridor complains It's hardly news, but, for the record, the Little Rock Board of Directors voted last night to give extended hours to Jim's Razorback Pizza in a Highway 10 shopping center where closing hours were supposed to be 8 p.m. The operators scoffed at the requirement in the early going until neighbors complained.

Who voted with the developer?

Directors Gene Fortson, Joan Adcock, Michael Keck, B.J. Wyrick, Dean Kumpuris and Strong Mayor Mark Stodola.

Who voted with neighbors who wanted to keep the agreed hours?

Ken Richardson, Brad Cazort, Doris Wright and Stacy Hurst.

Erma Hendrix was absent.

I don't guess I'll bother to complain about the car wash that got permitted by my house on the promise that it wouldn't be open all night, but never shuts, if lights and traffic are any indication. They'd just hire a lawyer and get the board to cover the renege.

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