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They liked Mike -- UPDATE



A Fox News focus group of Republican voters assembled for yesterday's Republican debate really liked Mike Huckabee, the Politico reports.

And here's a more informative account of how this session worked.

UPDATE: Washington Post blog, The Fix, continues to have the hots for Huck, calling him one of Sunday's winners:

Mike Huckabee: What the former Arkansas governor needed was a strong debate performance to build momentum heading into Ames this weekend. And, he got it. Huckabee was again folksy and conservative -- a style that should play well in Iowa both at the straw poll and in the caucuses. He gave an emotional testimony to his belief in the fair tax, cited his own personal struggle with weight and physical fitness and offered a common sense approach to solving the nation's infrastructure problems without raising taxes. Now, if he could just raise some money.....

Er, I didn't exactly hear a specific plan in raising money for infrastructure without raising taxes.


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