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Education day UPDATE



In keeping with today's education theme: A good blog on the Huffington Post by a $39,000-a-year teacher in the Bronx (you have any idea how little that will buy in NYC?) who has some thoughts on merit pay.

UPDATE: And still speaking of education, the amazing Jonathan Kozol has an article in this month's Harper's (available to subscribers) about No Child Left Behind and private education management organizations waiting in the wings to take over public education in the U.S., one school at a time if necessary. Bear any resemblance to the Walton-financed plan to flood LR with charter schools, whether they serve any useful purpose or have any track record or encourage segregation or otherwise tear down public schools as we know them? Writes Kozol:

The black and Hispanic kids with whom I’ve worked for forty years in Boston and New York have no reason to suspect that their little destinies, downgraded and diminished for so long by governmental penury, have now become the object of so large a corporate appetite…. Among the various “sanctions” that this highly controversial law [NCLB] imposes upon low-performing schools are two provisions that have opened up these schools to interventions by private corporations on a scale that we have never before seen in the United States.


We may soon wake up to find that they have been replaced by wholly owned subsidiaries of McDonald's, Burger King, and Wal-Mart.

Here's one blog on it.  And another.

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