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The Enough! protests continue at President Clinton and Cumberland. Tiny, but you know what they say about tiny acorns and Lord it was hot.. I know what I say about officious LRPD, FOPites who endorsed the so-called president and who are hassling the protesters despite due diligence in obtaining clearance for exercising First Amendment rights on the streets of Little Rock. Wannabe-strong Mayor Stodola, do you think you could rein in the LR gestapo? Note from Meg Warren re today's event is on the jump.


FYI-  I applied for our permit on 7/31.  Here is a copy of the permit I submitted (with my $25 check)
The permitting process takes 10 days.  I was told that the city attorney was informed about our group.  We would be OK for the one Sunday before the permit was officially granted (today). 
Also, as long as fewer than 10 people gathered we would be OK.  Only 3 other people showed up (only one from last week).  So I felt pretty good.
Once again, there was a lot of positive response.  And it was great meeting like-minded people.
At one o'clock we started packing up.  That was when two police officers walked up & informed us that we were not allowed to protest there.  I told him that I had applied for a permit & that the city attorney said that as long as there were fewer than 10 people & that we left a clear walk area behind us, we were OK.  The police officer told me that I was wrong.  We were in violation of zoning regulations.
It had been a long, hot hour.  I just wanted to go home.  I told him that I would contact the engineer I had been working with.  I also left him my email address, etc.
I really hope we don't have to move.  It would involve a new permit.  All the work of the last month would be gone.
I'm not the person who picked the spot.  I don't know who did.  I was by myself the first couple of weeks.  I know that in other cities, people are gathering near government buildings.  That's probably where I would've chosen. 
But our spot is great.  Whoever selected it did a much better job than I would have.

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