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To the editor of the Democrat-Gazette:

Your editorialist today wrote -- and wrote -- about the classy way in which Mike Huckabee responded to an anti-Catholic slur issued by one of his supporters against Sam Brownback and Brownback's call for a personal apology from Huckabee. Said the editorial, headlined "Huckabee, once again, rises above":

He could have put out a statement calling Sam Brownback the usual names, saying the senator is just a whiner, accusing the senator of falling to pieces “every time a supporter of the governor says something he doesn’t like,” and so predictably on. But we suppose Mike Huckabee can just pay somebody else to do all that. No need for The Candidate himself to get down there in the ditch. That’s what aides and political consultants are for, right?

From the previous day's Democrat-Gazette, Page 4A, under the headline: "Huckabee camp says senator is 'whining'"

On Thursday, Huckabee campaign manager Chip Saltsman issued a statement saying, "It's time for Sam Brownback to stop whining and start showing some of the Christian character he always seems to find lacking in others. ... If Brownback is going to fall to pieces every time a supporter of the governor says something he doesn't like he clearly isn't tough enough to be president."

Do you mean to say that a politician need only issue high-sounding words to earn praise and that he has no responsibility for what his campaign manager says, with his knowledge, in the candidate's name?



UPDATE: Here's a religion blog that gets it right. It says both Brownback and Huckabee look stupid sniping at each other.

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