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Somebody's getting traction



If the Club for Growth ads critical of Mike Huckabee mean, to him, that he must be getting traction, then his squealing about those ads suggest THEY are getting traction.

He's written Iowa TV stations urging them not to run the ads. He claims they depict him inaccurately as a tax increaser. Sadly -- and we've said before that this recommends Huckabee in our view, if not the views of Republican primary voters -- the ads are perfectly accurate and fully documented. Here's the letter.

Sure Huckabee cut some taxes. But his claim of 94 tax cuts is pure silliness, as Ernest Dumas has carefully reported. He also raised some huge sums in taxes. For worthy purposes, yes.

We can't wait for the Club for Growth's Wayne Dumond ads to see him once again try to blame that on Bill Clinton, Jim Guy Tucker or somebody. I have a good story about the inner circle meeting at which Huckabee made the decision to forge ahead in Dumond's behalf, despite the stiff opposition of key staff members.

Here's just one quick rundown of Dumas' several efforts to get Huckabee to tell the truth on taxes. Perhaps Iowa TV stations should take a look before responding to the letter. And here, in 2006, he's quoted at some length by the Club for Growth, which has been dogging this issue for some time.


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