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Leadership wanted


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From Kathy Wells, the multi-hatted civic activist/observer:

Heard from a member of the Greater Little Rock Chamber of Commerce that BFI officials asked for, and received, endorsement of the proposed expansion on its landfill on Mabelvale Pike (pictured), on the ground this saves 150 jobs. Residents nearby are up in arms objecting to the stink, the overflow in heavy rains putting trash into Fourche Bayou and downstream, the flocks of birds feeding on refuse at the dump, etc.  Our Solid Waste Board hears the proposal at 10 a.m. Monday, Aug. 6.

Our mayor has not stated his position. Will he be ready to close the dump and rid the neighborhood of a nuisance? Note the nearby Twin Pines Landfill can take all BFI wishes to dump, officials there say. or will he buy the BFI argument of jobs and money? The 15 operating the landfill would lose jobs; others are truck drivers, who would continue to haul trash to Twin Pines, or whatever new location BFI arranged to use.

Here's another question of mayoral leadership before us.


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