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Calling all sports fans




Arkansas Business is mighty proud of its new monthly sports magazine, seen here. It'll be distributed free statewide, with seasonally changing focuses. The boss man is Hog nut Jim Harris, late of the Arkansas Times and now also appearing on KARN's Sports Rap with Shawn Arnell and Democrat-Gazette Sports Editor Wally Hall. (Got enough sports talk yet?)

Football was a natural for Vol. 1, Issue 1, with the maxi-tattooed Darren McFadden an equally natural choice, though I wouldn't be surprised to learn a few found the image of a tattoed man less than a turn-on.

AB is apparently a little sore at the lack of press attention given the new release, judging by this string on the TV blog Floaty. And don't miss a followup to that item from a news director who denies evil intent. He has some comments about blogging dug up by the far-ranging Floaty.

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