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Quotable: On Huck, media



All the national press corps hasn't found our former governor charming. Charles Pierce, a Boston Globe writer and frequent Esquire contributor, has a story on John Edwards in the latest Esquire. The blogs are noting his turn of phrases, such as:


On May 15, Mike Huckabee, a greasy Rotarian gasbag from Arkansas, made a funny. Speaking at a debate with the other Republican presidential contenders, Huckabee said of the Congress that it had "spent money like John Edwards at a beauty shop." This nasty little bit solicited gales of laughter from the studio audience and almost unalloyed approval from the traveling political press, and nobody enjoyed it more than the lads at The Politico, a brand-new-political fanzine that combines the biting wit of a high school slam book with the nuanced policy analysis of Tiger Beat.

A couple of more quotes from the article by Pierce, a frequent contributor to Eric Alterman's blog, can be found here. One more:

The imporant thing to remember is that toughness is a semiotic dumb show now. In the same debate in which Mick Huckabee flexed for the camera, John McCain pointed out that in his experience, which is considerable, torture doesn't work. On this, he was disputed by a former mayor of New York, who was once tortured by the thought that his second wife would not vacate the mayoral digs in favor of his second mistress, and the former governor of Massachusetts, who once was tortured by the fact that gay people were getting married. Toughness was now a performance skill in a cowardly country taught to fear the best things about itself.

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