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Curiouser and curiouser. Or maybe not. LR School Supt. Roy Brooks intervenes in a lawsuit to defend his employment contract, thus joining interests with the Little Rock School Board that wants to fire him. This is in the suit due for a hearing tomorrow afternoon in which a group of school district residents  is trying to stop the buyout of Brooks' contract. My reading: Brooks can read the writing on the wall. It's over. He has a contract that provides a payout in such circumstances. He wants to protect the payout. If justice is done, this premature "illegal exaction suit" -- filed before any money has been exacted -- will be thrown on the scrap heap of histtory tomorrow. Or at least put off until money is exacted, which will be after it's too late to stop the change of superintendent that the lawsuit is intended to stop. And I don't think it's unconstitutional to contract buyout clauses for school district administrative officers. Dozens of contracts are junk, if I'm wrong.

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