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No parking in NLR



I had the same thought earlier, but the hustling Matilda in NLR got there firstest with the mostest. It makes NO SENSE WHATEVER to move music events from NLR's Riverfront Park, with the great LR skyline view, down to the po' part of the river several hundred yards east. People won't go. It won't be so much fun. The events won't be so successful. But that's what city fathers have decreed.

Why? So a handful of soreheads will be happy that musical  events have moved down to where music can bedevil the unwashed poor folks along Washington Avenue and environs, rather than the new class of snooty swells in ARGENTA and the new ballyard. (Except, of course, that the better class of folks attracted by Riverfest will still be allowed access to prime turf.)

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