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Hip-hopping at Philander



Dr. Walter Kimbrough, Philander Smith College's vigorous president, had a group in for lunch today to review progress since he came to town almost three years ago.

Impressive stats on the increase in grades and ACT scores among those admitted from an increasing base of applicants. But more impressive is Kimbrough's vision of creating a college where social justice is the defining theme of an involved and activist student body in the years to come.

Kimbrough released plans for the coming year's installment of the "hip-hop president's" Bless the Mic lecture series. Andrew Young, Juan Williams and the Rev. Al Sharpton are just a few of the familiar names that will provoke and entertain.

Kimbrough has written an essay for our special issue Sept. 20 on the 50th anniversary of the LR school crisis. I wish I could run it now. It's a provocative, fresh-angle look at the current school controversy. Stay tuned.

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