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Full and fair investigation



The Evening Times of West Memphis has a story today following Mara Leveritt's report on DNA evidence in the West Memphis Three murder case. It's here, but free registration is required.

It reports, as Mara did, that a review of physical evidence in the slayings of three children turned up no DNA of the three teens convicted of the crime. It did turn up hair from the stepfather of one of the slain children.

Gotta love those West Memphis police and their instant analysis. No way that hair implicates the stepfather in any way. "He's not a suspect," Chief Mike Allen declares. And Allen -- and Prosecutor Brent Davis -- remain convinced that they have the right people in prison for the crime, despite the absence of any DNA from them.

Maybe Brent Davis did make the right decision in choosing not to review the West Memphis police killing of a 12-year-old boy. He turned the matter over to a special prosecutor. Davis and the West Memphis cops have many reasons to stick together. Do you think he'll recuse from West Memphis police cases when he's elected judge?

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