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Funny item on a Tampa Tribune blog about an inadvertent release by the Florida governor's office:

At 6:20 p.m. today, someone in Gov. Charlie Crist’s press office—apparently accidentally—sent out an email to media outlets statewide listing all inquiries by reporters for the day to state agencies that report to the governor.

The email listed more than 100 requests from reporters to state agencies for the day, including what reporter called, what agency the reporter called, what information was requested and the response.

Who knew they even made up such a list?

Hmmm. We've asked Gov. Mike Beebe's press office if they maintain such a list on press queries. Friendly Matt DeCample's typically speedy response:

I get e-mails from various agencies when they have media contacts they feel will likely result in a story we will read/hear/see later that day or the next morning.  But no, there is not a daily master list of media inquiries to state agencies.

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