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A second thought on UCA President Lu Hardin meeting the press today to tout Mike Huckabee's presidential candidacy.

Might this figure in the University of Central Arkansas's effort to land a presidential debate in 2008? Would a candidate described as being less likely to work well with Congress than Huckabee want to do the fellow who said that a huge favor by signing off on a debate on that fellow's campus?

Just asking.

CC: Sen. Hillary Clinton

UPDATE: I should say I was having a little sport with the Hillary comment, mostly. Hardin's comments about the Clintons were mostly quite favorable. I think if there's any issue raised by Hardin's appearance for Huckabee it's simply making a partisan appearance in advance of a decision on places to hold presidential debates. Hardin sends a message that he took a day off to make the appearance for Huckabee and that if I want to talk about appearances, Clinton financial contributor Donna Shalala, who heads the University of Miami, is also angling for a presidential debate.

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