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I forgot to plug Mara Leveritt's story in this issue of the Times.

New evidence in the West Memphis Three murder case. DNA from a victim's stepfather has been found in crime scene evidence; no DNA evidence of the three convicted has been found. The police are interviewing the stepfather and his ex-wife, who now believes the three in prison are innocent.

Prosecutor Brent Davis of Jonesboro won't comment. This is the prosecutor, you remember, who felt he wasn't capable of rendering a judgment independently on the killing of a West Memphis child by a police officer because of his relationship with those police. Do you think that relationship with West Memphis police -- and his own role in these dubious convictions -- might merit a special prosecutor to weigh new evidence in THIS case? With judicial campaign in the offing for Prosecutor Davis, my bet is that he won't risk losing control of this case to a truly neutral arbiter.

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