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Huckabee cleared



Attorney General Dustin McDaniel said he can find then-Gov. Mike Huckabee broke no laws in destroying computer hard drives before he left office. And, the Democrat-Gazette story notes in passing, McDaniel concluded that items missing from the Governor's Office (draperies) and from inventory of the Governor's Mansion furnishings were "gifts to the governor."

I'm perfectly willing for all these bygones to be gone. (Prosecutor Larry Jegley had it about right when he said it was the right outcome, but it didn't mean it was a smart way to run a public office.) But a small and salient point. Mike Huckabee did disclose a gift of furnishings to the Governor's Office for a redecoration early in his tenure. He's entitled, I guess, to take the drapes with him, however tacky that might appear -- though the ethics law interpretations have tightened considerably since on accepting gifts of that magnitude. The Mansion furniture that didn't turn up on initial state inventories is another matter. Pieces we couldn't find on the inventory included a number among those that caused a hot dispute early in his tenure. First he claimed the $70,000 in donated new furniture, paid for by cotton planter Boe Adams, was his. Then, when it became apparent that accepting such a gift was ethically problematic, he said the furniture was NOT his. Some of that furniture did not appear on the inventory. Supposedly, "virtually" all the pieces we identified turned up later. I've never seen a complete inventory of all items given by Adams and their whereabouts today. I'm not saying the Huckabees took any of it. I"m saying it wasn't theirs to take, just to correct the attorney general on any confusion he might have on the point.

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