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Your daily dose of David Vitter



Gotta love U.S. Rep. Richard Baker (Republican, of course) defense of U.S. Sen. David Vitter, the whoring Republican family values champion. Better to be a hypocrite says Baker:

Baker took aim at critics who labeled Vitter a hypocrite for promoting conservative views, talking about family values and advocating sexual abstinence at a time when he was in a touch with an alleged call girl service.

"If a man has values and standards, but does not live up to them, it does nothing to discredit the validity or those values and standards, and he is far preferable to those timid souls who, without values and standards, cannot fall short of them nor ever run the risk of being charged with hypocrisy," Baker said.

Other La. Repubs are more guarded.

And speaking of Louisiana politicians: David Treen, Bennett Johnson and others are working to get President Bush to commute the sentence remaining for former Gov. Edwin Edwards, five years into a 10-year bribery sentence and now 80 years old. If Scooter Libby need not do a day, isn't five years enough for Edwin?

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