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Another prostitute talks about her time with family values champion U.S. Sen. David Vitter. And the prostitute's former boyfriend says he has seen photos.

Note: A reader reports finding a number of Arkansas phone numbers in the D.C. madam's phone records, but most of the pages cited have only D.C.-area numbers. There is one Little Rock cell phone number, on page 1670.

PS -- Wendy Cortez, the Louisiana prostitute with whom Vitter associated, has gone by a variety of names and has spent time in Arkansas, where she has a police record, according to the New Orleans newspaper.

Records show Yow has moved often, with addresses in at least five states over the past decade, including Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, Iowa and Florida. She used the last names of Yow, Cortez, Williams, Shackelford, Ellis, Scavone and Bruhn, among others, according to cross-referenced public records and interviews.

Yow also has an extensive criminal record. Her legal trouble began in 1991 when she was arrested in Gretna and booked on warrants alleging two counts of forgery and parole violation, records show.

In 1995, she was arrested in Sanford, Fla., and charged as a felon fleeing from justice, and extradited to Arkansas, where she was wanted, according to police records.

Oh, and thanks to a T-P columnist for this tidbit on Vitter:

In a letter he proudly authored less than a month ago, Vitter joined with 12 other Republican senators in endorsing a federal abstinence education program that teaches that "saving sex until marriage and remaining faithful afterwards is the best choice for health and happiness."


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