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Merit pay, etc.



I cite the Daily Howler rarely. He's a long-form blogger. But he's a former teacher and he's sharp on education issues. He's a skeptic about merit pay and the oh-so-easy call for more rigorous courses for all students (this so happens to have been one of the educational certainties tossed about by the Democrat-Gazette editorialist this morning).

If these serious subjects interest you, check it out. (Note to latecomers: link updated.) Most of the education information is at the bottom of the link. LR School Board member Melanie Fox, who recommended that the school district take a look at the nonprofit Education Trust's work last night, might note that the Education Trust has cheered a new school administrator in Washington who has made some bodacious -- and so far unsubstantiated -- claims about her past classroom successes. Trust but verify.

Points: 1) It is easy to say tough courses are the solution for all students, but what if those students are already way behind on earlier, easier courses? 2) Maybe classroom teachers might know a little bit more about what they face in the classroom every day than newspaper columnists.

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