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Backatcha Huck -- UPDATE



It's easy for a politician to use Michael Moore as a foil, as Mike Huckabee did yesterday, but watch it: The moviemaker and his peeps fire back. From the NY Times blog, a comment from Meghan O'Hara, producer of the Moore documentary "Sicko":

“Looks like Mike Huckabee is auditioning for some insurance company dough, since he’s raised just about no money and sparked zero interest since jumping into the race I wonder what the good Governor would say to the French, who drink more, smoke more, eat more cheese and still live longer than us despite paying less for health care? ”

“No wonder the Republicans are in such trouble, their entire plan to fix the health care system in this country is to tell people to lose weight. Maybe if Mike Huckabee and his Republican friends stopped sucking up to health insurance campaign contributors they wouldn’t feel the need to blame Americans for this crisis. Just because he stopped eating Twinkies by the bushel doesn’t make that an outline for a national health care plan.

“There’s nothing worse than a reformed smoker — or Twinkie eater for that matter — preaching conversion. We’ve all had one of those in the house and can’t wait for them to just leave. With 66 percent of the American Public overweight, it certainly doesn’t seem the way to win an election. Americans would feel better if they ate more fruits and vegetables, and walked around the block some more, but they won’t be encouraged to do that by a scold from Huckabee. And isn’t he a minister? I don’t remember Jesus blaming the sick for their ailments. He healed them, and told others that unless you help them, you can’t come into the kingdom of heaven.”

UPDATE: Huckabee loves being thrown in this briar patch. He can get some media attention maybe. His response on the jump.


“I stand behind my comments about Michael Moore. On Wolf Blitzer’s show recently, he was really just arguing with Wolf and blaming Dr. Sanja Gupta, a respected neurosurgeon and contributor to CNN for being part of the problem. I thought it was outrageous.

“Dr. Gupta is a highly respected and dedicated public health innovator who has done far more to save lives and improve the system than Michael Moore.   When he attacked Dr. Gupta, he really showed that he had overdosed on his oversized ego ".

“For Michael Moore to say sick people should go to Cuba for health care is hardly credible.  Let me ask you – have you ever met anybody, anybody, who when they really got sick, said: “Oh, my Gosh, I have a desperate disease – get me to Havana – I’ve got to get the best healthcare in the world”?

“NO.  Where do they come? They come to the United States

“We do not have a health care crisis in this country. We have a health crisis, with a health care system incapable of dealing with it. For the first time in our history, a generation of Americans may have a life span shorter than that of their parents.  That’s not only a crisis, it’s a tragedy.

“Consider that 75% of the $2 trillion we spend on health care goes toward treating the symptoms of chronic disease, and not toward preventing disease in the first place.  Imagine if we were to reverse that model by focusing on prevention, wellness, and early testing. We would save countless lives, pain and suffering by the victims of chronic conditions, and billions of dollars.

“According to the World Health Organization, by not smoking, eating healthier diets, and exercising, we could prevent 40% of cancers, 80% of type-2 diabetes, and 80% of heart disease.  America spends about 17 percent of our Gross Domestic Product on health care, the highest percent of GDP of any nation in the world.  Imagine what we could do with the savings, if we were able to prevent disease, instead of having to treat it.

“Believing, as Michael Moore apparently does, that federal bureaucrats are best equipped to manage the largest sector of our economy is pure fantasy.  So is going to Cuba for serious health care treatment.  Michael Moore should probably stick to what he does best: spinning Hollywood fantasies.”

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