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With friends like these -- UPDATE



Interested in the whoring family values champion from Louisiana, U.S. Sen. David Vitter? You know you are. You gotta read this, an interview in the Times-Picayune with the Canal Street Madam, who says she also provided personal services to Vitter. Sitting atop a king-sized bed with a rosary hanging from the headboard, the madam insists she's helping Vitter's reputation by showing he's not just a "one-dimensional adulterer."

"I'm not out to ruin a marriage," she said. "I'm out to help a man. I want his wife to see what a wonderful man he is. Men do things like this by peer pressure, by the good ole boys club.

"I want his kids to know he's a good father," she continued. "Just because he had sex out of wedlock -- so what? At least he stayed with his kids. How many men leave their children and wives and don't give a shit what happens to them, and then their wives become prostitutes so they can feed their children?"

UPDATE: Here's a fine Nation column recalling when Vitter wrote an op-ed that said Bill Clinton was "morally unfit" to be president. And still more, a video put together by Talking Points Memo, which includes a film clip of a Vitter tribute to marriage, the most important institution in history, in part because of the "bad behavior" it discourages.

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