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More technical glitches this afternoon. Down for a couple of hours on my end and a variety of things have stacked up.

1) Appeals Court Judge Wendell Griffen objects to a delay in his judicial discipline hearing, originally set July 20, but pushed yesterday to two days in August. He says the rules don't allow this long a delay. In asking the Supreme Court to order a July 20 hearing, he says the moving of the date, on communication between the commission and new director David Stewart without notice to him, is a violation of rules of ethical conduct.

2) Betsey Wright, a dedicated death penalty opponent, tells me that Death Row inmate Don Davis will appeal after all a three-judge panel's decision vacating his stay of execution for failure to timely contest lethal injection as unconstitutionally cruel. She says he'll ask the full court to reconsider.

3) Movies in the Park. Tonight, at sundown in the Riverfest Amphitheatre, it's "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy." Free. Gates open at 6.

4) The folks who insist they want the Little Rock School District out of court have filed their brief today attempting to keep the district IN court on their lawsuit to block the buyout of Superintendent Roy Brooks. (You know how it goes. Lawsuits are bad unless they are your lawsuits.) The plaintiffs insist it's unconstitutional to pay someone who's not working and that the court should ignore the fact that this has been done dozens of times in Arkansas and that existing contracts all over Arkansas anticipate just such a possibility in the future. The filing is in response to a motion that the suit be summarily dismissed.

5) A vibrant netroots e-mail campaign is underway to stir up opposition to Central Arkansas Water's deal to allow Lake Maumelle-view residential development, a clear danger to the water supply. It's a win-win for developer Rick Ferguson. He gets $1 million from ratepayers. He gets his development. He makes no deal on future developments' relationship to an expensive and comprehensive watershed management plan that is not yet officially in place. Info on the deal is at Call your concerns about Lake Maumelle to 501-377-1255. Or e-mail by noon Thursday. The meeting is at 2 p.m. at the water utility's offices at 221 E. Capitol.


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