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Traction for Walton U.



The New York Times (at least in the person of one of its susbscription-only columnists) has joined a list of outlets giving attention to the report by members of the education reform department up at Walton U. on the decline in the number of public schools named after historic figures.

Fortunately for the University of Arkansas and the "academics" in that Walton-financed department, the Times columnist and other columns I've seen on the study (including here in Washington Post) focus on the simple finding that fewer schools in seven states seem to be named for people, rather than, for example, neighborhoods, geographic features, etc. The problem with this "research" is the stretch in which the "researchers" suggest that the change in school names somehow amounts to a measure of schools' poor performance of their civic education mission. I prefer to blame any failures on overemphasis on standardized testing. Or maybe the shocking decline in the number of school cafeterias that make home-made yeast rolls.

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